Benefits of a Soy Blend Candle

Soy blend candles are very popular, but what is their exact function? They burn just like other candles, but have a much stronger scent than paraffin wax candles. While paraffin wax candles burn down to a smokey smell, soy blend candles will not develop that unpleasant odor. Also, soy blend candles burn slowly, so they will not release a noxious odor. The National Candle Association has more information on their website.

A Soy Blend candle cashmere vanilla will burn with a white frosting. This is normal and does not affect the fragrance throw. The frosting is caused by small white crystals on the jars, similar to the frosted look of chocolate. Frosting does not affect the quality of the candle or its burning ability. It is normal for a candle to have frosting. However, if the candle has already cooled, this frosting may increase further.

Another benefit of a soy blend candle is its high fragrance level. It is not easy for soy to hold fragrance oil, so many soy candles contain other additives to make the fragrance stronger. However, these additives make soy blend candles more affordable and more accessible than you might expect. This means you can choose a soy blend candle that suits your needs and preferences. They're the perfect option for anyone looking for a mellower candle.

The Soy Blend Scented Candles have a much longer lifespan than paraffin candles. Paraffin candles may only burn for 10 hours, while a soy blend candle can last 15 or 20 hours. It is also more environmentally friendly than paraffin candles, so you'll never have to worry about breathing in the ash or soot. If you're interested in learning more about the soy blend candle, make sure to check out the websites below!

Soy wax contains fewer chemicals than paraffin wax, so it holds scent longer. This wax is biodegradable, which means it won't harm the environment or the air. Unlike paraffin, soy wax does not cause allergies and asthma. You can buy these candles anywhere in the world. The brand makes them in the USA, and they are cruelty-free and vegan. These candles are also made by a team of artisans, and they burn for 40 hours.

Sugared Citrus is a delightful scent with hints of violets and driftwood. It is a delicious, 6 oz soy blend candle made with a Custom Soy/Paraffin blend. It has a slow, even burn and excellent cold and hot scent throw. This is a great candle to give away as a gift, or to enjoy for yourself. When you buy soy blend candles, you'll be pleasantly surprised at the price.

When buying soy blend candles, be sure to check the label. If you find that the candle is unscented, you may have accidentally ingested the wax. If this happens, contact your doctor immediately. This product may be toxic for humans. Pets may also experience adverse effects if it comes in contact with it. A good way to avoid problems is to buy candles that don't use eco-wicks. For a brown tumbler or an 8 oz tin, CD 14 is the perfect choice. Knowledge is power and so you would like to top up what you have learned in this article at


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